Windows to the Soul


Windows to the Soul is a developing collection of a dozen original murals on old windows by artists of Color. It is inspired by the awakening that erupted into social justice murals in Madison’s downtown business districts following the Black Lives Matter protests, to extend the artists’ soul messages beyond the scope and timeline of the State Street protests while documenting this pivotal moment in history.

The Windows to the Soul collection will be hung on the inside of Threshold's storefront windows, visible both from the outside and the inside of the building in all seasons. This location enhances the connection between inner and outer, and offers a sense of transparency and unity for this collection of important stories and urgent messages.


The opening reception at Threshold during the first weekend of December will be widely publicized. 


Threshold intends to make the collection a traveling exhibit, and is currently working with businesses and organizations to feature the collection on a regional tour after the showcase at Threshold. 


Threshold invites artists of Color to offer a window into their experience through murals on old house windows. Windows to the Soul will be an ongoing series open to all artists of color, but for this first round artists who have Black Lives Matter protest murals on State Street will be given preference.  


Threshold offers a great indoor space where the windows can be painted, and all materials are provided. Each artist will receive a stipend of $500 upon completion of an original piece, an artist statement and artist bio. 


Ownership of the original work commissioned for this show collection belongs to the artist after a release for two years to be featured in the show and any touring of the collection.


Windows to the Soul is part of Art on the Threshold - a 501(c)3 presenting and partner with Threshold Community Space. Matching funds for donations received for this project have been secured, and donors will be recognized in publicity materials.

Tax deductible donations can be made via Art at the Threshold:

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