Threshold is a community of amazing businesses and people.

Community Affiliates:

  • Julie Swanson Storypreneur, Zentangler
  • Bert Stitt | Community Facilitation
  • Dean Proctor | Design Consultant and Artist
  • Hollie Hollister | Strategic Marketing

Tenants at Threshold:

  • Open Circle Healing Arts | Efrat Livny
  • Alexander Technique | Xochi John


Get to know & support our Tenants & Affiliates below:

 Efrat- Open Circle Healing Arts

Open Circle Healing Arts | Efrat Livny

In the face of life's challenges, each of us has an innate healing capacity which, when acknowledged, met and supported can allow mind, body and spirt to find their innate balance.

View Open Circle Website | Email Efrat | 608/220-8849

Efrat offers deeply personal support for healing and well-being through bodywork, inquiry, guidance, and artistic creations. Efrat is a lover of the circle of life in all its manifestations. Her work is based on the profound knowledge that in the face of life's challenges, each of us has an innate healing capacity which, when acknowledged, met and supported can allow mind, body and spirt to find their innate balance.

Efrat’s art is informed and shaped by the wisdom and the aesthetics of the Middle East, Native Americans, Shamanism and Buddhism. Her “Talking Stick Creations” have been used in many gatherings, classrooms, boardrooms and families where they facilitate and inspire conversations that matter where each voice is invited and deeply heard. 

Efrat Livny is the founder of Threshold. Like many things in her life it was not a plan but rather an irresistible inspiration that has guided her vision for the building and for the growing community that it supports.  

Xochi- headshot (1).jpg

Alexander Technique | Xochi John

What is the Alexander Technique?

“You can’t do something you don’t know, if you keep on doing what you know.” - F.M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique is an educational approach to self-awareness. Posture is movement. Good posture is an ability to think in activity, to be present in the process of living, being still and moving.

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I use gentle hands-on and verbal guidance in a supportive learning environment, offering time and space for you to learn, explore and gain awareness of your unique postural and movement patterns.

This process of growing conscious awareness, along with a collection of principles and tools, provide a framework to help you activate your inherent postural support system and learn how to stop what you might be doing to interfere with accessing your fullest movement potential and sustainable ease, health and joy in your daily activities.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique have helped people:

  • Calm the nervous system
  • Manage everyday stres
  • Improve functioning of internal organs and breathing
  • Manage and prevent pain and injury
  • Feel more grounded and confident
  • And much more.

Learning is a state of mind. Alexander Technique lessons offer an opportunity to learn your unique process of learning, empowering you to choose how you react to and interact with your environment, and creating processes for addressing imbalances as they may arise.

About Xochi:

Xochi is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher in Madison, WI. She first encountered the Alexander Technique while searching for relief from shoulder and back pain while studying cello in college. In 2014, she finished a three-year AT teacher-training program in Urbana, IL. The training provided the space and time to experience a joy and ease in her cello playing she never thought possible, but she also found that the Technique informed and enhanced her life in general. She didn’t know she had been searching for this, but it felt like home. Through teaching the Alexander Technique, Xochi is discovering a constantly expanding path towards growing conscious awareness of her process of learning how to learn, sustain a life of ease and healthy movement, experience her fullest potential, and of course, help others to do the same.

To schedule a lesson, or for more information, please contact Xochi at: 808-463-8873 or

Learn more at

AFFILIATES | Our community of experienced collaborators

 Julie Swanson- Storypreneur

Exuberant Client: "As I said yesterday, you are the “frosting, cherry, and chocolate chips” on our event because of the really patient and understanding way that you interacted and led us."   

Julie Swanson |  Storypreneur, Founder, What's Possible Now

Humans have been doing impossible things since before we called ourselves humans.

Visit What's Possible Now Website | Email Julie

What I do: I pay attention to How.  How groups think, learn, create, share. I call it emergent learning design.

I use Story, Conversations of Discovery, Zentangle, and Labyrinths to help groups learn forward together.

What if we designed our work to leverage our strengths? What can we create together than neither of us can do alone?  Have a question, an idea, a dream?  Let’s have coffee.

 Bert Stitt- Center for Community Stewardship

Bert Stitt | Founder, Stitt Facilitations | President, Center for Community Stewardship

I practice the art and skill of facilitating the evolvement of community, whether in city, town, village, company, organization, agency, even family.

Visit Bert's Website  | Email Bert | Center for Comm. Stew.

I love being on the front lines of turning things around and holding the space for people to discover the basics of Shared Values, Shared Vision, and Shared Accountability. Widely acknowledged for my revolutionary approach to volunteer involvement and empowerment, I help build ownership in major-change projects.

The Mayor of the City of Sheboygan: “Soon after Bert Stitt entered the picture things began to happen in our community. Through his innovative “retreat process” all interested parties were able to freely discuss and plan a course of action. I recommend his unique skills to any business or group needing specialized public participation services.” 

 Dean Proctor- Design Consultant for Threshold

Dean Proctor | Design Consultant and Conceptual Artist

Connecting people to meaningful, wonderful realities.

Email Dean to Learn More

I thrive when serving as a design consultant for Spirit-Based projects and implementing art installations.

Drawing on my career as an Architect, I work with clients in a unique and personal way, listening, visualizing and drawing on spiritual wisdom, the natural world, and human experience to create structures, landscapes, spaces, features, interpretive elements, installations, and experiences that are deeply meaningful, beautiful, and connect us to life affirming energy. 

Armed with years of idea-filled sketchbooks, drawings, and concepts for art installations and spaces, I am currently working to manifest these visions and share them with the world.

 Hollie Hollister- H Cubed Group

Hollie Hollister | Founder, H Cubed Group

Blending wisdom with marketing...creatively distilling it into guiding principles and simple, actionable steps to help you reach your goals.

View H Cubed Group's Website  | Email Hollie

Hollie Hollister is a social entrepreneur who aspires to combine the personal with the professional to bring fresh thinking, unique insights and holistic solutions that help heart-based small business owners and solo entrepreneurs grow their businesses and themselves (all without stifling who they are or selling their souls).

Specializing within the area of strategic marketing and operations, Hollie has over 18 years experience working with organizational groups across diverse industries within the private, government and social sectors, including Fortune 500 companies.