Threshold’s physical doors are closed for now, and until our community makes a different decision. The good news is that we have created a new avenue to offer the Threshold Experience of connection, creativity, and well being to our guests and the public. Our online platform - The Threshold Wheelhouse - replicates our services and our hospitality as much as virtually possible.  
We are offering a vibrant and powerful podium for teachings, conversations, performances and more. We support and deliver these experiences as if we were doing it all in person, over a cup of tea. We partner with instructors, creators, artists and event hosts and offer them creative, technical and administrative assistance, as well as promotion and publicity. We are fortunate to have an expanding group of exceptional collaborators and partners. 
Let us host your next online event! Our mission maintains. We’re here to nourish our community.

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Located on the vibrant near east side of Madison, Threshold is an intentionally designed work and gathering space dedicated to cultivating creativity, well-being and community. 

Threshold is an innovative center that seeks to create a new paradigm brings together entrepreneurship and community. Threshold is a multi-tenant building consisting of several small businesses, a coworking space, and event space. Event spaces are available for rent by the public, and are home to a variety of events (workshops, meetings, conferences, retreats, gatherings, performances and art shows).
The 4,300 square foot building is a uniquely restored and re-envisioned 100 year old auto body shop, with beautiful architectural details throughout including exposed brick walls, high-arched wooden ceilings and elements dating back to its original use. Threshold is a fully accessible building. Read more about our mission...


Efrat Livny


Efrat offers deeply personal support for healing and well-being through bodywork, inquiry, guidance, and artistic creations. Efrat is a lover of the circle of life in all its manifestations. Her work is based on the profound knowledge that in the face of life's challenges, each of us has an innate healing capacity which, when acknowledged, met and supported can allow mind, body and spirt to find their innate balance.

Efrat’s art is informed and shaped by the wisdom and the aesthetics of the Middle East, Native Americans, Shamanism and Buddhism. Her “Talking Stick Creations” have been used in many gatherings, classrooms, boardrooms and families where they facilitate and inspire conversations that matter where each voice is invited and deeply heard. 

Efrat Livny is the founder of Threshold. Like many things in her life it was not a plan but rather an irresistible inspiration that has guided her vision for the building and for the growing community that it supports.