Threshold is an intentionally designed work

and gathering space dedicated to cultivating

creativity, well-being and community. 

At Threshold we seek to create a new paradigm for bringing together entrepreneurship and community so they can dovetail in an organic and mutually supportive way. Threshold offers a mix of tenant business space with community event and teaching space. 

We create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and shared experience. We foster discovery, receptivity and trust. We encourage individuals to find their unique expression, to share their voice and to be open to the wisdom of others and of the collective.

Threshold seeks to focus on issues that matter in our community and in the world. We look to bringing together diverse constituents, and allowing positive action to coalesce through conversation and collaboration. 


We believe that it takes time, attention and dedication to build community. We practice, cultivate and hope to inspire gratitude and generosity.

Please join us as we go forward