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The Transformative Possibilities of Authentic Dialog (HUB, EMBODY, Kitchen)

Two trainers: Kathleen Macferran (USA) and Yoram Mosenzon (Israel/Netherlands) will offer this unique NVC workshop, from inner work, to interpersonal dialogues, to global transformation: 
Yoram will lead the first 2 days focused on the Art of Dialogue:
Radical Honesty, Radical Empathy: Leading an authentic dialogue
Healing dialogues- having the skills to clear up the mess instead of trying to be perfect
The art of details: The miniature subtlety of being a human, and being humans together
Intimacy: Find sustainable paths to intimacy
Anger guilt, fear, depression and other dear friends: Processes such as: ‘Liberating from guilt’, ‘The beauty of Anger’, ‘Fear as a gate to my life project’, ‘Loving my depression’
Street Giraffe: How to connect with ALL people? (principles in finding my own fluid personal Giraffe language that doesn’t sound ‘weird’).
The Art of effortlessness: where creativity in dialogue is coming from?
And more...

Kathleen will lead the second 2 days focused on Application of skills moving out into the world:
Explore ways to build trust at work and in your community
Build bridges between polarized groups
Bring dynamic dialog to tough social issues
Find ways to transform conflict into cooperation

Contact Jennifer Warnick for more information or to register: or (608) 556-3199