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Yoga Mantra Music with Supersonic Soul Circle (HUB)

Kirtan... With Spunk! Through collective harmony, rhythm, and energy, we become Supersonic… We move beyond sound, into a deeper possibility. 

Native to Madison, Supersonic Soul Circle is a diverse group of seekers which loves going on musical journeys, from subtle whispers to high-vibration outpouring, with improvisation in between! If you put your whole self into it, (Y)our Kirtan will leave your soul feeling squeaky clean! We fully celebrate when the line between performer and audience is transcended, and want your full involvement. As practitioners of kirtan, we offer a flavor of the art fused from Western musical ingredients, such as pop, rock, jazz, funk, and reggae. We have been practicing Kirtan and Yoga-centric music for over five years and love expanding with anyone else who wants to join the journey! Check out our Sounds on Facebook for a taste! We invite you to join us as we celebrate life with some soul-moving Kirtan!

Background: Kirtan is a collective musical journey which involves singing sacred mantras from different spiritual traditions. Mantras are sacred sounds or words, used with intention, devotion, and mindfulness. Group participation in singing the mantras, dancing, or even just clapping along, can empower, elevate consciousness, and bring inner freedom.