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Rock Your Goals (HUB)

Have your New Years resolutions melted away much like the winter snow? Do you strive for bigger and better things in life, but have lost sight of the trail to help get you there? If yes, then get ready to rock your goals!

This Wonder Workshop blends creativity and goal planning for a craft night you won't want to miss. We'll discuss the powerful reasons why goal setting is important, help you identify your goals based on your bigger purpose, and then set those intentions in stone...quite literally.
How? Painted rocks, of course! We'll have all the supplies needed to turn natural elements into decorated milestones that help to pave a path toward your ambitions. The super talented Emily Balsley of Emily Balsley Illustration will be joining the Wonder Women to help spark your artistic talents and coax out your creativity--even if you're usually all thumbs when it comes to wielding a paint brush.

This craft night provides the perfect break after a long week to reset your mind and give back to yourself. Why not bring a rockstar friend to make it even more fun?


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