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The World is Your Oracle: Divinatory Practices for Tapping Your Inner Wisdom with Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D. - Week 3 of a 4-week series - Embody

Week 3 of a 4-week series

The World is Your Oracle: Divinatory Practices for Tapping Your Inner Wisdom with Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D.

In this interactive workshop, we will use some of the divinatory methods that Nancy has gathered in her new book _The World Is Your Oracle_ to explore a number of ways that ancient, indigenous, and contemporary cultures have tapped into the wisdom that resides within each of us. After eliciting questions that need answers, we will invite our inner wisdom to give us answers. As opposed to the pre-programmed answers provided by Tarot, the I Ching, or runes, the techniques we will investigate employ the three major intuitive senses: the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Such embodied oracles help us to turn inward in order to develop deep listening, deep vision, and deep sensing of our flashes of insight. Opening to our inner depths in this way allows us to set priorities, meet challenges, and find creative solutions. Such practices can strengthen us in our insight, determination, and courage, empowering us on our spiritual paths as well as in our daily life. This workshop is an ideal introduction for those who are just beginning to perform oracles as well as an opportunity for those experienced with divination to find fresh inspiration. Come and sink deeply into your inner knowing, fine-tune your life’s trajectory, and renew yourconnection with Spirit.

Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D., is the author of _The World is Your Oracle_ (Fair Winds Press: April, 2017). The thealogical columnist for SageWoman magazine and blogger for Tikkun Daily, Matirfocus, and Feminism and Religion, she has offered spiritual growth keynotes, workshops, and classes since 1987. Nancy honed her speaking and workshop skills in the emerging field of Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her muse then nudged her out of academia to record Chants for the Queen of Heaven, a CD of goddess chants from around the world and Singing the Promise, a live recording. Check out her website at

Sliding fee: $100 - $125 -includes a copy of the book The World Is Your Oracle

Contact: or (608) 231-3362