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Intuitive Painting with Heather MacFarlane

In this workshop, we will explore art-making from the inside out, painting direct from our intuitive whims and urges, liberating our creativity from preconceived plans and desires for a certain outcome.  

Led by curiosity, guided by mindfulness of what arises moment to moment, we will explore a simple process for connecting to our unrefined, unique creative voices, in a safe, nonjudgemental atmosphere, where art is"not a means to an end but a place we inhabit."  (M. Cassou)

  We will work in a water-based medium, with all materials provided.   The workshop will include an opening guided meditation, words of introduction to the process, an hour of free-painting, and a closing circle to share our experience. 

All levels are welcome, no painting experience necessary.   

This class is intended for adults, 16 and older please.

Class is $20: Learn more & register:

Heather Macfarlane

Organizer of Intuitive Painting

I am a life-long expressive art-maker through many mediums, using the arts to express inner experience, honor connections between self and the living world, and praise the world's beauty and mystery.

I am devoted to "singing when the spirit says sing, dancing when the spirit says dance," as the song goes, and have been going where the spirit moves me, in many directions and mediums over the years--among them, figurative oil painting, acousitic guitar and singing, writing a personal art and spirituality blog, mosaic, acrylic, watercolor, paper cutting, collage, creating earth art with stone and flora, and curating music mixes for freeform dance. The one theme that has run through all is an undercurrent of expressing, unhesitantly, what is currently most vibrant and alive in my heart and soul. What strikes a chord, reveals a truth, what shimmers, what calls.

I have newly begun to extend my work to honor and nourish the creative, expressive pull in others by hosting events to explore intuitive, nonjudgemental art and dance.  As a "teacher," I embrace the role of facilitator and supporter. I am a space-holder, encourager, opportunity-maker of supportive, sanctuary spaces where you are invited to bring forth your voice and vision.   

You can view my recent work here:

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