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You are Here: Tarot as a Map

Braiding Wisdom series: Tools for practices for personal growth and resilience

With Helen Schneider

Cost: Sliding Scale $25 - $35

Tarot cards are considered a form of divination.  We can look at divination as “fortune telling.”  The cards deal with archetypes and “dramas of everyday life” (Vicki Noble).  They are set out in patterns and spreads which are read for meaning.  Rather than looking at the reading as predictive, I consider it as a map.  As with other maps, there is a point of “You are here” and choices of routes.  The map is a guide.  This is an introduction.  I will address different decks, major and minor arcana, the role of numbers and astrology (when apt) and several spreads.

Helen Schneider first began using tarot cards in the mid 8-0’s.  Since then she has continued to do readings for herself, for friends and occasionally paid clients.  She has taught one 4 session class.  She does not consider herself a “professional” card reader.  Her preference is to use the cards personally and to share interpretations with others doing readings.