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Flint Sparks Workshop: “Facing our Dying”

How are our lives informed and shaped by our awareness of the "Great Matter" of life and death? What meaning do we give our lives knowing the inevitableness of our own death and the loss of our loved ones? What happens when we turn away from this ultimate truth? These are some of the essential questions we will explore in this evening event.

This presentation is open to the public and is also the opening event for a day long seminar following on Thursday, March 10, 9-4:30 at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

For more information about this evening talk or weekend workshop, contact Suzanne at 608-239-9127.

Flint Sparks is a psychologist and an ordained Zen Buddhist priest serving the Appamada community of Austin, Texas. His teaching and consulting activities bridge the fields of health psychology, the psychology of contemplative practices, and traditional Zen Buddhist practice. His engaging and wholehearted presence bring light and clear thought to this subject matter. Flint is the guiding teacher for the Open Door Zen Community ( in Madison, WI.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - Suggested Donation $10-$20

Held in the HUB Room