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How to Activate and Awaken Consciousness in the Cosmic World with Adolfo Ttito Condori

Andean Teacher, Master and Alto Misayoq from Peru,

Adolfo Ttito Condori

Adolfo will be giving a 2 hour presentation with translation on:

Yuyay Kichariy;

How to Activate and Awaken Consciousness to the Cosmic World

Adolfo Ttito Condori was born in Poma Canchi, Peru, a small agrarian village surrounded by mountains and lagoons at 12,000 ft. He is the oldest of 6 children born to parents from a lineage of Inkas and medicine people. His journey in the Andean medicine ways began as a child under the guidance of his grandfather and parents who worked with plant medicines as pampamisayoqs.

Adolfo experienced many of the classic initiations for becoming a medicine person. He has been struck by lightning twice (as a child and an adult). During adolescence he momentarily died from disease but was resuscitated by the Apus (mountain spirits). At age 16 Adolfo lost his father, and in addition to taking over helping his mother raise his siblings, the spirits of the mountains began their teachings of Adolfo directly.

After years of personal tests and training the Apus gave him the power of an Altomisayoq. With the guidance of their knowledge and practices Adolfo’s gifts come from a pure communion with the Apus for over 20 years. He has now begun to teach the cosmology he learned from the Apus and Pachamamas of sacred places in the land.

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Suggested donation $10-$20

For more information contact Amy Nicholson: 608-280-0300

Held in the HUB Room